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Calcium Ascorbate Market 2017 Share, Growth Rate Analysis and Outlook Report Till 2027

Calcium ascorbate is odorless white to slightly yellow colored crystalline powder. It is a combination of vitamin C i.e. ascorbic acid and calcium carbonate used as a nutritional supplement. It can be utilized as an excellent buffered source of Vitamin C as it does not create gastric irritation in sensitive persons. Calcium ascorbate provides vitamin C, which is primary antioxidant of the body. It is popular among the athletes and for those with swallowing difficulties as calcium ascorbate can be readily soluble in drinks and food. The North America calcium ascorbate market accounts for relatively high revenue share, followed by Western Europe calcium ascorbate market. Whereas, APEJ account for relatively high volume share in global calcium ascorbate market with significant growth rate.

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Some of the important factor fuelling the growth of global calcium ascorbate market include growing food and beverages industry and high demand for nutraceuticals across the globe. The vitamin C is an essential factor for the cardiovascular system, immune system, healthy bones and teeth, and decreases the chances of occurrence of cancer due to its antioxidant property by lowering free radical formation in the body. This, in turn, resulted in driving the growth of global calcium ascorbate market.

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The macroeconomic factors making a positive impact on global calcium ascorbate market include growing health consciousness of consumers, increasing population, changing consumer lifestyle, the rapid rate of urbanization, and increasing domestic income. Increasing ascorbic acid and calcium carbonate prices is one of the restraining factor for global calcium ascorbate market over the forecast period. The company manufacturing calcium ascorbate products has a significant opportunity in regions such as North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific, attributed to high demand for food supplements over the forecast period. Companies have a significant opportunity in global calcium ascorbate market through collaboration with end-users i.e. food supplement manufacturers.

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The global calcium ascorbate market is segmented by application, product form, and by region. By application, the global calcium ascorbate market is fragmented as food supplements and pharmaceuticals. Among these, the food supplements segment is expected to contribute to the significant revenue share as well as volume share with a relatively high growth rate over the forecast period in the global calcium ascorbate market.