Calamus Root Market Value Chain and Forecast 2018-2026

Press Release

Growing consumer awareness over health and medicine have fuelled the demand for calamus root. Acorus calamus is a semi-aquatic plant which exposes rhizomes to store its nutrients. Due to development of nutrient-rich rhizomes, the root of calamus is being utilized traditionally for the culinary uses. Calamus is also called as Acorus calamus, sweet flag, bitter pepper beewort, pine root, sweet rush, bitter pepper root, etc. Calamus root is rich in vitamin C, hence taken as a dietary vitamin supplement on the regular basis to nourish the replicating cells. Since calamus root supplement is obtained from a natural source, consumers show more towards it. Due to the presence of anti-oxidant nutrients, calamus root is highly utilized in nutraceuticals. Due to the presence of aromatic herbs calamus root is found to have therapeutic healing properties. Calamus root is specifically used for treating gastro-intestinal complexities such as ulcers, gastritis, flatulence, loss of appetite, etc. Calamus root is also used to heal rheumatoid arthritis, stroke, frequent sweating, etc. which makes it a multi-utility herb over the years. The calamus root has immense health benefits that have generated huge demand among the consumers all over the world which is anticipated to escalate the calamus root market.

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There is a huge demand for calamus root and processed extracts of calamus root in the recent years due to changing consumer preference over natural ingredients. The calamus root is not only used in dietary supplements and herbal medicines but also have numerous application in cosmetic and personal care products. As calamus root has a high concentration of calamusenone and camphone, it is widely used as an essential oil which vitalizing role to play in personal care. The essential oil made from the calamus root is used for moisturizing the skin. Due to its aromatic properties, calamus root is used in shampoo, hair conditioner, and body lotions.

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Calamus root extract is also used in bating soaps, toothpaste, and other personal care products in European countries. As calamus root contains sweet and woody scent, it is used to replace traditional spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger in aromatic applications. Escalating demand for organic cosmetics has generated the production of calamus root over the years. Calamus root finds its application in organic cosmetic and personal care products, which is expected to bring wider opportunities for the investors. Bound to these factors, the calamus root is expected to proliferate in terms of value and volume in the forecast period.

Some of the major players of calamus root include Aunutra Industries Inc., DR WAKDE’S Natural Health Care, eSutras Organics, Secrets Of The Tribe, Biofinest, Piping Rock Health Products, Butterfly Express, GlobaticHerbs, Greenwood Essential, Gritman Essential Oils, etc. More Industrialists and organic product developers showing keen interests in the calamus root as the demand is amplifying every year.