Tooth Regeneration Market Exhibits Higher Growth Prospects during 2018-2026 | Key Players are Institut Straumann Ag, DENTSPLY Implants

Press Release

Tooth regeneration market has been abuzz for a while with various new developments reported, commercialization of which is expected to transform whole dental industry. Though the development in tooth regeneration has been on upward growth trajectory since 1980s, it gained momentum post-2013. Many research institutes are focusing on conducting studies to understand the feasibility of tooth regeneration.  While Asia Pacific is expected to dominate the addressable market, North America and Europe are expected to witness early launch of tooth regeneration products in near future. Asia Pacific market is expected to expand at the fastest CAGR, followed by Latin America and Middle East, respectively over the forecast period (2019-2027).

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Market Dynamics

With changing dental industry landscape, companies are emphasizing on product innovation in order to sustain and expand their business reach worldwide. Tooth regeneration is one such disruptive technology wherein early entrants are expected to capture major share of the dental market. Moreover, commercialization of tooth regeneration will lead to slowdown in the dental implant and equipment landscape. As such, tooth regeneration industry will dominate the whole dental market. Though the tooth regeneration holds immense potential to generate high ROI and at same time benefit society, high R&D cost and stringent regulations are key challenges being faced by the industry players.

Geriatric population demographics has emerged as the highest revenue contributor among population demography segment

Geriatric segment is expected to dominate the dental implants market throughout the forecast period. The segment accounted for 66.8% of global industry revenue in 2015. According to NIH, geriatric population have average 18.9 remaining teeth. Around 23% of geriatric population have no teeth, creating favorable market scenario for industry players. Over 18 million dental procedures are expected to be carried out among geriatric population between 2017 and 2027. Commercialization of tooth regeneration is expected to create lucrative market opportunity for industry players. North America and Europe are expected to collectively account for major share of global procedures by 2027.

Asia Pacific is expected to dominate the tooth regeneration market revenue post 2020

Tooth regeneration addressable market is expected to be highest in Asia Pacific, with China and India positioned as the major growth engines. Emergence of tooth regeneration is expected to capture this market. Also, the number of dental procedures is expected to grow at the highest CAGR of 10.9% in Asia Pacific between 2019 and 2027.

North America and Europe are expected to lose position to Asia Pacific by 2020. It is primarily attributed to increasing healthcare spending coupled with significant geriatrics population presence in Asia Pacific.

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Tooth regeneration market players need to invest in R&D to harness stem cell technology to develop and commercialize tooth regeneration technology

Tooth regeneration market players are focused towards research and development to commercialize the target industry. Companies such as Straumann and DENTSPLY are working closely with some of the leading universities to understand the project feasibility. In 2015, researchers at University of Southern California (U.S) created gel to regrow enamel. Moreover, nanoparticles is also gaining momentum to boost dental tissue engineering. Various institutes such as Nova Southeastern University, Tufts School of Dental Medicine, University of Southern California, Wyss Institute at Harvard University, University of Nottingham, Institute National de la Sante et de la Recherche Medicale (France), etc are engaged in tooth regeneration technology. Various products are in the pipeline, commercialization of which is expected to happen post-2024. Most of these companies are focused towards enamel regeneration. Unilever UK developed ‘Regenerate Enamel Science’. The company holds 5 international patents for its NR-5 technology. The brand claims to regenerate 82% of the eroded enamel within 3 days. Many products are expected to emerge in near future creating exponential market opportunity for industry players.