Copper Nitrate Market : Trends, Key Developments and Forecast up to 2026

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Copper Nitrate Market: Overview

Copper nitrate with chemical formula Cu(NO3)2 (not to be confused with cuprous nitrate with chemical formula CuNO3) is an inorganic compound that exists in blue crystalline solid form. It is soluble in ethanol, ammonia, and water. Copper nitrate is insoluble in ethyl acetate. It is synthesized by either direct reaction between copper and nitric acid or dissolving copper carbonate in nitric acid.

Copper nitrate is employed in various applications. It is primarily used in synthesis of copper oxide, which is further employed in many organic synthesis processes as catalyst. When combined with acetic anhydride, copper nitrate works as an active reagent for nitration of aromatic compounds. Mixing copper with nitric acid is one of the synthesis methods of copper nitrate. Thus, it also acts as a source for nitric acid by reversing the reaction by providing heat. Copper nitrate is heated until it decomposes, and the fumes are then passed directly into water to generate nitric acid.

Copper nitration solution is used as polishing agent for other metals. It is also used as dye in the textile industry. It is also used in firework displays; however, its usage in pyrotechnics is limited. Copper nitrate is also commonly employed in laboratories in schools and colleges in the demonstration of chemical voltaic cell reactions.

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Copper Nitrate Market Trends

Hydration of the anhydrous material or treatment of copper metal with an aqueous solution of silver nitrate or concentrated nitric acid can lead to the formation of hydrated copper nitrate. Copper metal when treated with N2O4 results in the formation of anhydrous Cu(NO3)2. Copper nitrate occurs in the anhydrous form as well as in the following five hydrated forms: monohydrate (Cu(NO3)2·H2O), sesquihydrate (Cu(NO3)2·1.5H2O), hemipentahydrate (Cu(NO3)2·2.5H2O), trihydrate (Cu(NO3)2·3H2O), and hexahydrate (Cu(H2O)6](NO3)2). Among these, trihydrate and hexahydrate are the common forms of hydrated copper nitrate.

Copper nitrate is primarily employed as reagent in the synthesis of copper oxide, which is further used in the ceramic industry as blue, green, or red, or sometimes pink, black, or gray pigments in glasses, enamels, and glazes. Copper oxide is also used as raw material in the production of other copper salts; some of these copper salts can be used as wood preservatives. Copper oxide is also used during welding with copper alloys.

The usage of copper nitrate as reagent in the nitration process of aromatic compounds entails the introduction of nitro group from copper nitrate into final organic compound. The nitration process is employed in major industrial applications. For instance, it is used in the production of nitrobenzene, a nitroaromatic compound. Nitroaromatic compounds are used as chemical intermediates and precursors.

Copper Nitrate Market Segmentation

Based on product available in the copper nitrate industry, the copper nitrate market can be segmented into anhydrous and hydrated copper nitrate.

In terms of purity level, the copper nitrate can be divided into 2N, 3N, 4N, and 5N.

Based on composition, the copper nitrate market can be segmented into monohydrate, sesquihydrate, hemipentahydrate, trihydrate, and hexahydrate.

In terms of application, the market can be divided into organic synthesis processes, laboratory experiments, textile dyes, polishing agent, and others.

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Copper Nitrate Market: Region-wise Outlook

Currently, Asia Pacific, North America, and Europe are the key regional markets for copper nitrate. This trend is estimated to continue in the near future. In terms of production and consumption, Asia Pacific dominated the global copper nitrate market due to the vast application of its successor, i.e. copper oxide, in the region. Presence of high number of manufacturers in China and India is also driving the copper nitrate market in Asia Pacific. The region is followed by Europe and North America, respectively.

Copper Nitrate Market: Key Players

Key players operating in the copper nitrate market include American Elements, International Biological Laboratories, Chemical Point UG, Alpha Chemika, COMBINED CHEMICALS, Sigma-Aldrich Co. LLC., Beijing Science and Technology Co. Ltd., MINS GROUP CO. LIMITED, and ALS Environmental.