TrendSights Analysis 2019: Connoisseurship-Keeping up with consumer “experts”

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TrendSights Analysis 2019: Connoisseurship – Keeping up with consumer “experts”


Within the FMCG context, connoisseurship describes the ability to appreciate and judge quality, and select the best products. Connoisseurs pride themselves on their knowledge of specific products and services, as well as their personal ability to select the highest-quality experiences. These individuals will not settle for anything less than what they perceive to be the best. As consumers expectations rise in general, more of them consider themselves to be connoisseurs or assume similar traits.

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Connoisseurship deals with individuals who seek the best possible quality to fulfil personal and/or social needs.


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– In food and drink, “quality” often refers to pleasantness in taste and aroma, which allows self-indulgence.
– In non-food and drink, getting the best quality guarantees a good user experience and high customer satisfaction.
– Knowing how to select the best quality enables consumers to fit into a specific social group (e.g. upper class), or improve their social status by presenting themselves as specialists in the areas they are passionate about.

Reasons to buy

– Understand the role of a desire for the highest quality and a developing sense of expertise in shaping consumers’ attitudes and behaviors.
– Compare the relevance of the Connoisseurship trend in each industry across the FMCG space, and learn what the key opportunities are.

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