Innovation to Stoke Demand in the Wheelchair Market

Press Release

Globally, the general awareness about being empathetic towards people with disabilities has risen. Wheelchairs aid movement of people with partial or complete locomotor disability. Technology has played a major role in influencing growth in the global wheelchair market. In the past few years, the global wheelchair market has experienced substantial growth, and prediction are that it will grow at a much higher rate in the future.

There are several factors that aide growth in theĀ global wheelchair market. Rising general awareness about disabled population, thrust from governments to support welfare of disabled people, and technological innovations are some growth promoting aspects.

In the past two decades, the level of awareness among people about several things has risen across the globe. As a result, people have understood the need for treating people with disabilities as normal human beings. Non-governmental organizations and government policies have helped create understanding among common man about providing access to basic facilities like ramps, disabled-friendly toilets, and travel facilities. This augments demand in the global wheelchair market.

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As a result, wheelchair facilities are available in all public places along with porters who can help in operating them. This allows people with disabilities to consider movement without any restraints. Hence, the prospects of the global wheelchair market look bright in the coming years.

Besides making public places disabled friendly, governments have also introduced policies that helps people purchase wheelchairs. Many developed nations across the world have announced subsidies on the purchase of wheelchairs which will spur demand among people from the economically weaker section. Hence, the global wheelchair market will grow in the next few years.

Besides, governments are also making direct efforts in providing wheelchair to people through their welfare programs. As a result, policy makers are directly tying-up with manufacturers in the global wheelchair market to cater to the requirement. This bodes well with the rising demand in the global wheelchair market.

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Technology will have a big role to play in deciding the growth curve of the global wheelchair market. While manual wheelchairs will continue to remain in demand among all geographies, the need for powered wheelchairs will drive consumption in the coming years. Technology has helped create wheelchairs with easy navigation features, thus eliminating dependence on caretaker. This has augmented growth in the global wheelchair market thus far.

Research is on to develop wheelchairs with augmented reality, virtual reality, voice command, and more features. Such new features will aim at making life easier for people with terminal illness or permanent disability. Further, scientists are also working on creating products to suit requirement for specific diseases. These products, if they find a way to commercialize, will garner significant demand in the global wheelchair market.