Digital Power Control Solutions Market – Innovation Stats That Prove The Power Of Customer Experience

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Digital power is an important technology to manage the growing power complexity and reduce power consumption in future electronic systems. These control solutions offer integration, efficiency, and flexibility to fulfill the requirements of dynamic systems and are also needed to reduce the total cost. Digital power control is used in smart handhelds to data servers and wireless base stations, and provides real-time intelligence that permits the developers to build power systems that optimize efficiency and adapt to the environment.

The use of intelligent digital power can also be defined as automatic compensation for changes in load and system temperature, enabling energy savings with adaptive dead-time control, dynamic voltage scaling for safe operation, and optimal system performance with robust protection under several fault situations.

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Digital Power Control Solutions Market- Competitive Landscape

Texas Instruments Incorporated

Texas Instruments Inc. is a technology company that designs and manufactures semiconductors and numerous integrated circuits, which are sold to manufacturers and electronics designers worldwide. This company is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, the U.S. TI is amongst the top ten semiconductor companies in the world, based on sales volume. Texas Instruments’ focus is on development of embedded processors and analog chips. These processors and chips account for almost 80% of the company’s revenue

Control Concepts Inc.

Control Concepts, Inc., founded in 1980, is a privately-held company and the market leader in the design and manufacture of stock and custom SCR power controllers.
The different types of digital power controllers provided by the company such as single phase, three phase, phase-angle, and zero-cross power controllers have current capabilities ranging from 8 ampere to 2000 ampere and voltage that ranges from 24 to 690 volts.

The other major players of the digital power control solutions market include Schneider Electric, Emerson Electric Co., STMicroelectronics, AspenCore, and Renesas Electronics Corporation that contribute to considerable share in the digital power control solutions market internationally.

Digital Power Control Solutions Market Dynamics

Enables intelligent power management to maximize system performance

Digital power integrated circuits communicate with each other using the Power Management Bus (PMB) protocol via the System Management Bus (SMB), the standard protocol for communicating with power conversion systems using a digital communications bus. Using SMB and PMB permitted devices for power conversion provides control and flexibility that is challenging with traditional analog power systems. With the help of digital power control solutions, power sequencing and the adjustment and synchronization of multiple voltage rails can be easily achieved through a host controller.

In addition, a digital power solution provides multiple techniques of responding to a fault for system monitoring. Over current and over voltage as well as undercurrent and under voltage, accompanied with warning thresholds and over temperature faults can be adjusted and configured in the entire lifecycle of the product. Operating temperatures can be monitored to regulate the cooling fans dynamically to lower the system power consumption.This increases the adoption of digital power control solutions, thus driving the market.

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Reduces development time of system products

Digital power control solutions allow system designers to reduce their time on power supply design and focus on designing functions and key features for system products, reducing the development time of the product as well as the R&D cost. The chance to capture new business also rises due to faster time to market for new products.

Moreover, the solution also enables compact system design and product upgrade within the same chassis and reduces system BOM costs while improving reliability and product lifespan.This enables the increasing adoption of digital power control solutions.

However, there are certain constraints that might lead to decline in the adoption of digital power control solutions such as low efficiency when input output difference is large. The significant heat dissipation might also lead to decline in the use of digital power control solutions, thus restraining the market growth.

Digital Power Control Solutions Market Segmentation

Based on output current, the digital power control solutions market is segmented into

  • AC
  • DC

In terms of phase type, the digital power control solutions market is segmented into

  • Single Phase
  • Two Phase
  • Three Phase

Based on operation mode, the digital power control solutions market is segmented into

  • CCM
  • DCM

Based on application, the digital power control solutions market is segmented into

  • Industrial
  • Automotive
  • Communication Infrastructure
  • Enterprise and Cloud Computing