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A gloss meter is a device that is used to measure gloss, haze, and percentage reflectance of a surface. Gloss is measured by projecting a known amount of light onto a surface with a fixed angle and measuring the amount of light reflected at an equal but opposite angle. Gloss meter is used to measure gloss of materials such as coating, painting, metal, and stone. This is widely used in industrial processes, automotive, construction of building and other similar fields of application. Gloss meter is a portable device as it is small in size. It is easy to operate as it offers menu-driven color display, statistics, ergonomic design, and is robust in nature. Gloss meters are available in all three types such as, single angle gloss meter, two angle gloss meter, and three angle gloss meter. Selection of gloss meter for an application depends on surface nature of a material, after finding out these characteristics a measurement angle is decided to obtain the most accurate measurement. Generally, three measurement angles are used i.e. 20°, 60°, and 85°, to cover gloss meter applications.

The major driving factor for the growth of global gloss meter market is the increasing use of gloss meter in various applications. In automotive industry, gloss meter is used to deliver best quality product with gloss and color level that attracts the most to end customer. The automotive interior design such as mirror finish, attractive dashboard, finishing of comfortable leather seats, soft touch to internal plastic, and other similar parts plays very important role in purchasing of such product. Hence, in order to fulfill the demands of end customers, automotive industry is using gloss meter on a significantly large scale. Due to increasing use of gloss meter in automotive industry, the gloss meter market is expected to show significant growth in coming years. Moreover, in production of furniture, the furniture can be coated, painted or varnished to have gloss level, it can be from very matte to the highest gloss. During this process it is important to verify that the coating has been applied and is drying correctly and also to control the gloss of the products for the batch consistency.

Along with this, in plastic industry, products of all shapes and size requires gloss measurement for their manufacturing. Many of these products are used in construction industry, such as double glazed windows. High accuracy is required during production of these products as slight difference in gloss can lead to rejection from customer. Considering all these factors, demand for gloss meter market is anticipated to rise at a rapid pace during forecast period. Furthermore, visibility of paint marking done on the road is very important for traffic safety. The gloss meters are used for checking and maintaining the road marking which is expected to further boost the growth for gloss meter market during the forecast period.

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The global gloss meter market has been segmented based on type, application, and geography. Based on type, the global gloss meter market is classified into single angle gloss meter, two angle gloss meter, and three angle gloss meter. Based on application, the market can be segmented into paint and coating, plastic, metal, laboratory products, furniture production, hardware, automotive and printing industry among others. Additionally, based on geography, the market is further segregated into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, and South America.

Some of the key players operating in the global gloss meter market with significant developments include Elcometer Limited, PCE Deutschland GmbH, SAMA Tools, TQC SHEEN B.V., Zehntner GmbH Testing Instruments, Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A., Inc., HORIBA, Ltd., ElektroPhysik, Rhopoint Instruments, PHYNIX GmbH & Co KG, Erichsen GmbH & Co. KG, and Panomex Inc. among others.