Pneumatic Watertight Doors Market – Projected to Gain Significant Value by 2027

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Watertight doors can be electrically or pneumatically operated. Pneumatic doors are operated by compressed air filled in the air cylinders. The system is well equipped with a fire safety valve to prevent the door from opening during accidents. A pneumatic watertight door is a special type of door commonly found on ships. These doors help to prevent the entry of water from one compartment to the other. Pneumatic watertight doors are popularly used where the chances of flooding is more. Watertight doors can be classified into three types – Type A, Type B, and Type C.

Type A watertight doors are usually kept open in normal conditions and kept closed in case of emergency. Type B watertight doors are always kept closed and opened only when workers are working in the adjacent compartment. Type C doors are always kept closed except in a situation where the staff passes through the door compartment. International Safety Management Code have laid down certain rules and regulations which need to be adopted by ships to survive in catastrophic situations.

Pneumatic watertight doors market- Competitive Landscape

Winel B.V

The company has wide range of doors, hatches, tank vent check valve systems, platforms and special engineered products. They manufacture four types which are available in a wide range of sizes and with various options to assemble a custom made door such as electro hydraulic operation, fully electric operation, electro hydraulic operation, hand hydraulic operation.

MML Marine

MML Marine are the world’s leading marine door manufacturer and supplier. The areas where these products are used are Shipbuilding, Navy Supply, Oil & Gas and on/offshore Wind Energy. Apart from this, the company provide heavy-duty doors, windows and hatches.

Advanced Pneumatic Marine GmbH

The company provides drive systems and solutions for ship and offshore door systems. Advanced pneumatic marine offers outstanding machine and production quality, flexibility, extensive knowledge.

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Westmoor Engineering

Established in 1898, the company is manufacturer of watertight doors and watertight hatches, weathertight doors and gastight doors. Westmoor Engineering is a member of Renown Group which has 7 companies across the Materials Handling, Defence, Sound Deadening, Oil and Gas, Marine, Security, and Civil Engineering industries.


Established in 1997, the company is specialized in production of watertight and fire rated closures for the overall Maritime Industry. THORMARINE is European stock holder and distributor for BAIER Marine US.

The other key players in the market are Railway Specialties, Pensher Skytech, Vanson Engineering Pvt. Limited, Shanghai Zhiyou Marine & Offshore Equipment Co.Ltd. and Van Dam.

Pneumatic watertight doors market Dynamics

Pneumatic watertight doors have become increasingly popular in recent years because of integrated designs and lower equipment cost. These doors must be closed within 90 seconds in case of power failure. Pneumatic watertight doors have huge demand in the market due to rapid growth of the marine industry. Innovating techniques and advancements in technology also spurs the demand. Demand for pneumatic watertight doors is anticipated to rise due to rapid technology development. Pneumatic watertight doors generally send audio and visual alarms during closing if the door is operated from a remote location.

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Pneumatic watertight doors market Segmentation

Based on product type, the market can be segmented into

  • Heavy watertight doors
  • Light watertight doors.

Heavy watertight door does not allow the water to enter when exposed to a head of water. Light water tight doors are commonly used where they can be subjected to adverse weather conditions.

Based on the type, the market can be segmented as

  • Sliding
  • Horizontal
  • Vertical

Based on application, the market is segmented into

  • Civil ships
  • Military ships