Soyasaponins Market – Competition and Development Insights with Forecast up to 2027

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Soyasaponins Market: Definition

  • Saponins are triterpenoid or steroid glycosides naturally occurring in plants and some marine organisms. Relatively high concentrations of saponins have been found in soybeans and soy products.
  • Soyasaponins have been widely considered as major active components contributing to the cholesterol-lowering effect of soy products.
  • Soyasaponins have the ability to protect fibroblast cells from oxidative damage. They possess health-promoting properties including lowering plasma cholesterol, anti-carcinogenic and hepato-protective effects.
  • Soyasaponin is used as a dietary supplement and food ingredient. Soyasaponin is employed to prepare medicines from licorice.

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Group A segment to lead the market

  • Soyasaponins by material is segmented into Group-A soyasaponins and the monodesmosidic Group-B soyasaponins. Whole soybean seeds contain about 60% to 75% of Group-B soyasaponins and 25% to 40% of Group-A soyasaponins by weight. Group-B soyasaponins inhibit the replication of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and infection in vitro. 

Key drivers of soyasaponins market

  • Increasing use of herbal products and rising awareness among people, regarding the benefits of herbal products, are likely to drive the global soyasaponins market during the forecast period
  • Awareness about health is rising among people, due to increasing disposable income and growing urbanization
  • Soyasaponins offer health benefits as they boost the immune system and reduce the risk of cancer. Increasing population in countries such as China and India is likely to boost the soyasaponins market in Asia Pacific during the forecast period.
  • Soyasaponin are generally used in food additives. Expansion of the food additives industry due to increasing disposable income of citizens especially in developing countries, and shift toward a more comfortable lifestyle among the population are likely to propel the soyasaponin market.
  • Processed and packaged foods are witnessing a major boost during the forecast period. Manufacturers are emphasizing on the quality of food, including its color, texture, taste, and odor, which is anticipated to boost the food additives industry. Consequently, the food additives industry is propelling the soyasaponin market.
  • The adoption of additives reduce the spoilage and wastage cost and additives increases the nutrition value of the food, which is a major factor driving the food additives industry. This, in turn, is projected to fuel the global soyasaponin market during the forecast period.
  • Expansion of the increasing sales of food & groceries through the online channel is also a major channel for retailers, and the complex food supply chain is driving food manufacturers to use effective levels of food additives. Therefore, rising demand for food additives is boosting the soyasaponins market.
  • Expansion of economies across the globe, changing lifestyles and rising demand for skin and sun care products due to varying climatic conditions are driving the cosmetics industry. Expanding demand for industry is driving the soyasaponin market, as soyasaponin is mostly used in cosmetics.

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Asia Pacific expected to hold large share of the global soyasaponins market

  • Asia Pacific is a major market for soyasaponin. Saponin is found in large quantities in Asia Pacific and is used by fishermen.
  • In China saponin industry is mainly concentrated and has low technology barrier. Thus the saponins industry is anticipated to drive the soyasaponins market.
  • In Asia Pacific rising awareness about high nutritional diet and increasing need to impart ethnic taste are playing a key role in accelerating demand for the food additives industry, which in turn is boosting the soyasaponin market in the region.
  • Bouncing bet, clematis, and yucca are three common plants with significant saponin content and are widely found in North America. North America is the leading manufacture industry for color cosmetics and beauty products and soyasaponin is extensively utilized in cosmetics.
  • Pharmaceutical is also a major industry in North America, and soyasaponin is widely employed in the preparation of medicines. These factors are likely to boost the soyasaponin market in North America during the forecast period.
  • Rising awareness about natural and functional food additives among consumers in North America, due to their nutritional functionalities, is fueling the food additives industry, thereby boosting the soyasaponins market in the region.
  • In terms of demand, Europe follows North America. Europe is a major market for cosmetics and soyasaponin is widely used in cosmetics. This is anticipated to drive the soyasaponins market in the region during the forecast period.
  • Rising demand for convenience and organic products is expected to fuel the demand for food additives in Europe. Increasing awareness about diseases and rising health consciousness among the general populace is driving the food additives market, which in turn is boosting the soyasaponin market in the region.
  • The pharmaceutical industry in Middle East & Africa is expected to expand at a rapid pace during the forecast period. This, in turn, is projected to fuel the soyasaponin market in the region. Demand for medicines in Middle East & Africa is increasing rapidly, due to rapid increase in population of the region.

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Key players operating in the Soyasaponins market

The soyasaponins market is highly fragmented with top manufacturers accounting for approximately 45% to 50% share of the global market. Key players operating in the soyasaponins market include

  • Sigma-Aldrich‎
  • Biorbyt Ltd
  • Shaanxi Guanjie Technology Co., Ltd.
    • Yan’an Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.