Tennis Overgrip Market – Growing Awareness Regarding the Importance of Sports on Fitness Boost Growth

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Tennis Overgrip Market – Introduction

Tennis overgrip is a thin material which is applied over the base grip of racket to provide a fresh, clean surface without having to replace the base grip. These grips are mostly used in warm or humid climates. Professional players use these grips each time they play; however, recreational players do not use it frequently. Overgrips offer an easy alternative to replacing the existing grips and are the most popular choice as they have wide varieties of choice to suit different needs and are made from dry absorbent material to tacky surface.

Tennis Overgrip Market –Competitive Landscape


Babolat was founded in 1875 and is one of the oldest companies which specialize in racket sports. Its portfolio includes products for badminton and tennis players sold through 20000 sporting goods stores across more than 100 countries. Its VS Original overgrip is the thinnest of its offering. It has a non tacky texture which has a dry feel and stays dry even during sweat. By this offering, the company is targeting those players who require a different texture for their grip without having to change their grip size.

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Dunlop Sports

Dunlop Sports was founded in 2003 and is a manufacturer and distributor of golf and tennis equipment. It operates in two business segments out of which the sports products segment is involved in manufacturing golf clubs, gloves, tennis balls, rackets and accessories. The company operates through Srixon and Dunlop brands and its U-Sweat overgrip is a highly preferred product.


Tourna started its operations as a project in 1972 in the U.S. where it invented the Tourna Grip. The company sells a comprehensive range of racket sports accessories. Its Tourna Grip product uses proprietary fabric which wicks the sweat away from the hand and gains tackiness when it becomes wet. Its sells its product in more than 14 countries.

Industry participants in the tennis overgrip market are focusing on presenting attractive products based on technology, innovation, as well as design to differentiate their products and create higher brand awareness, thereby capturing a consumer base. Some of the key tennis overgrip industry participants are Babolat, Dunlop Sport, Head Prime, Tourna, Volkl, Wilson, Forten, Yonex, Luxilon, Solinco, Gamma, Head, Prince, Kirschbaum, etc.

Tennis Overgrip Market – Dynamics

Growing awareness regarding the importance of sports on fitness and health to drive industry demand

Tennis is gaining popularity amongst the elderly population owing to increasing awareness about mainlining physical health. Professional athletes prefer lightweight sports to increase their body flexibility and gain strength. Therefore, playing of outdoor professional sports such as badminton and tennis has becoming highly popular as compared to other fitness alternatives such as gymnasiums, yoga, etc.

Overgrips being the viable alternative to replacement grips are the preferred choice for consumers

Overgrips are the most popular choice amongst consumers due to their ease of replacement and lower cost. Selecting an overgrip creates greater amount of dryness or desired texture thereby providing opportunity to fatten the grip slightly. Consumers need to choose their preference before selecting the overgrip. The most important feature while shortlisting overgrips are absorption, cushioning, and tack. Tack determines the stickiness of the overgrip; absorbance determines the absorption of moisture which comes out of the hand due to perspiration.

Cushioning determines the level of comfort of the grip as there is shock vibration which usually accompanies the hitting of the ball. Manufacturers design overgrips using a combination of all the three factors depending on the various requirements in order to increase their market share in the industry.

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Tennis Overgrip Market Segmentation

Based on product, the tennis overgrip market is segmented into

  • Patterned
  • Smooth

Based on application, the tennis overgrip market is segmented into

  • Professional Players
  • Recreational Players

Based on distribution channel, the tennis overgripmarket is segmented into

  • Online
  • Offline
    • Unorganized retail
    • Organized retail