Enterprise Medical Image Viewers Market to be at Forefront by 2024

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Assessment of clinical data and selection of treatment procedures remains incomplete when doctors, surgeons and other medical professionals are not equipped with images of the ailment being treated. Subject patients are examined by viewing medical images of their disorder, which enables doctors to understand the maturity of a disease, define its origin, and ascertain measures for treating it. Significance of enterprise medical image viewers grows in accordance with this and medical practitioners solely rely on visualization of such images, allowing them to understand the disorder and deduce surgical procedure for curing it. Various medical imaging techniques existing in the healthcare diagnostics realm are incorporated while capturing images. Since these imaging technologies are specialized in certain therapeutic areas, enterprise medical image viewers are expected to be versatile to function, operate and depict images derived such technologies.

Global Enterprise Medical Image Viewers Market: Trends & Opportunities

Enterprise medical image viewing, as a business, is groundbreaking for any healthcare infrastructure. Several manufacturers of enterprise medical image viewers are positioning their products across several regions in the world. Healthcare systems of developed as well as developing economies are expected to actively adopt enterprise medical image viewing business and add more healthcare revenues for the region. The global market for enterprise medical image viewers is still yet to proliferate and strengthen its foothold in every medical organization in the world. Nevertheless, business opportunities continue to arise in the form replacement of picture archiving and communication systems (PACS) with advanced enterprise medical image viewing devices.

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Global Enterprise Medical Image Viewers Market: Drivers & Restraints

Overtaking similar image viewing technologies, which are less saturated, has benefited manufacturers participating in global enterprise medical image viewers market. The global market for enterprise medical image viewers is, thus, being driven by advancements in manufacturing of medical image viewing equipment. Devices and software incorporated in enterprise medical image viewing businesses are likely to be advanced and way beyond their league, encouraging doctors and surgeons to adopt them. Access to enterprise medical image viewers is being unified by including interpretation facilities for rookie viewers and incorporating diagnostic grade image manipulation for professionals & expert, giving a “universally accessible” appeal to the enterprise medical image viewing mechanism in the global healthcare sector. Such an integrated functionality of enterprise medical image viewers is not only driving the growth of global market, but it is now a pivotal part of medical imaging informatics, rendering it a reputable status in the global industry for imaging in healthcare IT.

The nascent nature of global enterprise medical image viewers market makes it less accessible to millions of potential consumers. Prominence of enterprise medical image viewers is far less compared to other medical imaging technologies. Industry leaders from healthcare IT are yet to place their bets and induce investments on production of enhanced yet cost-effective enterprise medical image viewers. Competing image viewing systems such as PACS might outrun the proliferation of enterprise medical image viewers, inhibiting the growth of global market to a considerable extent. Lack of proficiency in enterprise medical image viewers has hesitated several medical organizations to limit adoption of such systems.

Global Enterprise Medical Image Viewers Market: Regional Analysis

The growth of global enterprise medical image viewers market can be segmented on the basis of regions, such as;

  • North America
  • Asia
  • Europe
  • Rest of the World (RoW)

Growing need for healthcare facilities providing treatments on the basis of accurate imaging technologies continues to be a common driver for growth of the enterprise medical image viewers market in such regions. In North America, US enterprise medical image viewer vendors are likely to benefit by positioning their products as the next generation of point-to-point clinical image reviewing. For European healthcare systems, primary study interpretation in multiple clinical semantics and languages is likely to be sufficed by inclusion of enterprise medical image viewers that offer such functions. Giving patients the access to such enterprise medical image viewers and easing such image interpretation will also be regarded an inspirational measure for growth of the market across Asia, North America, Europe, as well as the RoW region.

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Global Enterprise Medical Image Viewers Market: Key Companies

Integrating electronic medical records, fusing communications and data transfer systems, collaborating the development of products with imaging specialists, and creating hybrid cloud software for similar range of products, are some of the promising future prospects that shall aid manufacturers improve the production of enterprise medical image viewers. Upon global proliferation, which is currently gradual yet ascending, companies manufacturing healthcare equipment and medical devices are expected to include enterprise medical image viewers in their product portfolio. At present, McKesson Medical Imaging, Philips Healthcare, Agfa HealthCare, GE Healthcare, Merge Healthcare, Siemens Healthcare, and Cerner, among others, are some of the prominent companies leading the growth of global enterprise medical image viewers market.