Graphene Nanocoatings Market – Volume Analysis, size, share and Key Trends 2015-2025

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Graphene is a two-dimensional layer of carbon atoms. It is arranged in the form of a honeycomb lattice. Graphene has attracted significant attention in the coatings industry due to its unique electronic, optical, and mechanical properties. Graphene nanocoatings play an important role in the development of new and advanced protective coatings due to their chemical resistance, gas impermeability, adsorption capacity, anti-bacterial properties, mechanical strength, lubricity, and thermal stability. Graphene nanocoatings are hydrophobic, conductive, and chemically resistant; hence, the usage of these nanocoatings is expected to increase significantly in the near future. Hydrophobic graphene nanocoatings are used in ship hulls, glass surfaces, and textiles. Graphene nanocoatings can act as protective coatings with advanced properties. Besides these applications, graphene nanocoatings are used in more efficient and flexible solar cells, nanoelectronic devices, supercapacitors, high sensitivity gas sensors, molecular separators, and medical implants.

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Rise in demand for anticorrosion coatings is fuelling the expansion of the global graphene nanocoatings market. Graphene nanocoatings provide alternative path for electrons to travel and retard the overall corrosion process. Graphene can be used as a component in various industrial additives. Increase in demand for additives in the paints & coatings industry is propelling the graphene nanocoatings market. Rise in demand for protective coatings in the marine sector is another key factor driving the graphene market. Demand for protective coatings in the aerospace industry is also on the rise. This is anticipated to boost the graphene nanocoatings market. However, the limitation in scaling up and high costs are projected to restrain the market. Manufacturers have launched graphene based series of paints & coatings. These are strong and also act as protective layers against environmental damage. Similarly, demand for graphene nanocoatings in the automotive industry is also increasing due to the rise in demand for more durable structural components. Graphene nanocoatings can also be used for coating medical implants. Thus, increase in demand for advanced coatings in various sectors is augmenting the graphene nanocoatings market.

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Based on type, the graphene nanocoatings market can be classified into hydrophobic, conductive, and others. Hydrophobic graphene nanocoatings are used where water-repellant surfaces are required such as ship hulls, glass surfaces, and textiles. Conductive graphene coatings are employed in cellphones, tablets, and computers. The others segment includes protective graphene nanocoatings. In terms of application, the graphene nanocoatings market can be divided into automotive, aerospace, marine, electronics, textiles, medical, and industrial paints and coatings.

The global graphene nanocoatings market witnessed moderate expansion in 2016. This trend is estimated to continue during the forecast period. North America accounted for significant share of the graphene nanocoatings market due to the availability of raw material processing and technological advancements in the region. The aerospace industry in North America is anticipated to expand due to the fleet expansion activities. Demand for highly fuel efficient vehicles and strong protective coatings is increasing in the region. Similarly, the graphene nanocoatings market is expanding in Europe. Germany and France are considered the key countries in Europe. Rise in demand for graphene nanocoatings in various industrial applications is boosting the graphene nanocoatings market in Europe. Asia Pacific is also considered a prominent region of the graphene nanocoatings market due to the presence of strong demand from China and India. Changes in lifestyle, the nature of emerging economy are the key factors fuelling the graphene nanocoatings market in Asia Pacific. In terms of demand, Brazil accounts for the major share of the graphene nanocoatings market in Latin America owing to the recent industrial progress made in the country. Middle East & Africa is considered a global connectivity hub. Thus, the graphene nanocoatings market in the region is likely to expand in the near future

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Key players operating in the global graphene nanocoatings include Graphenano, The British Electro Conductive Products, and Siansonic Technology Co., Ltd.